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Over the past 30 years, a whole section of French industry, the heating and cooking appliances, disappeared. There remain only a few isolated survivors of the thousands that were often precursors and major global operators in this market since the 17th century.
At this time of heat pumps, induction hobs, BBQs and holidays, it is good to remember that heating has long been a very important part of the family budget and took considerable time. The fuel savings were mandatory not only for heating but also for domestic cooking appliances. For over 250 years, these two items have mobilized industries, researchers and philanthropists who have together sought to improve efficiency and reduce the cost.
If dried yak or camel dung is still used in some countries that we consider as "exotic" or "touristic", it is good to remember that this type of fuel was still used in France less than 80 years ago, and the current wave of "sustainable development" is gradually reminding of these renewable fuels. The purpose of this museum is to avoid that this time of our domestic history, disappears completely from our memory.
J. Jumeau

Search Methods:

1/ By the database search engine : search is possible by year, name of manufacturer, brands, as well as on all fields.
Catalogs and documents can also be selected according to their type:
- Catalogs of component manufacturers (section 1),
- Catalogs of heating and cooking equipment manufacturers (section 2)
- Books and technical documents relating to heating, cooking and fuels (Section 3)
Warning: documents are only available in their original language. In particular, searches in English or Chinese will yield results only in available translations.
2/ By the Illustrated Encyclopedia of old heating and cooking appliances and their fuels, that directs research to the right keywords for readers (Available only in French).
3/ By the list of manufacturers
4/ By the Google internal search engine, which is also searching in the text of documents (in the limits of the OCR recognition rate, which can be very low depending on the old fonts used).

We chose to reproduce all documents in color. Engravings and illustrations are scanned and fully unfolded. Unfortunately, these choices result in longer documents download.
The words "ca" which is an abbreviation of the Latin: Circa ("about") behind the date means that we estimated it by comparison with similar documents, for lack of more precise information. Thank you to inform us if some of them appear to you as erroneous.
Text search is possible in most documents, but difficult in some old documents or with a special typography.
Some documents whose scans were performed without OCR will be gradually updated online in readable version.
Some materials, especially books in Section 3 have been scanned for that part relating directly to heating, cooking, or controls. On request, and depending of our available time, scans of missing pages can be made.
For educational or scientific uses, copies with higher definition are possible on request. All documents have been scanned from originals of Ultimheat private Collection.
Reproduction is authorized if the source “Ultimheat Museum” and link to the document is provided.
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