ULTIMHEAT : Air buttons (air transmitters). Type 66ZM5

Air buttons (air transmitters)
Use: Remote operation of air switches. This pneumatic switching technology safely isolates the user from the electrical current. The air transmitters provide the pulse air pressure needed to operate a remote air switch
Typical applications: Spas , swimming pools, electrical equipment remote operating of electrical devices on/off including motors, lights, pumps, air blowers, or other associated equipment.
Operating distance: With appropriate tubing, these hand actuation transmitters can operate air switches from distances of up to 30 meters (100 feet.)
Air volume: 11 cm3
Button and bezels: ABS, Ozone and UV resistant, low profile dome design, interchangeable.
Standard Color: Black, White (Bone) and nickel plated. Any other color and finish can be made with MOQ (consult factory).
Mounting: Through tub wall, with 1”1/4-12 UNF nut and flat NBR gasket.
Mounting hole: Drill a dia. 32+1/-0 mm (1”1/4) hole. The 1”1/4 nut is staggered to allow using this button for replacement into preexisting dia. 37.3+/-1 mm holes.
Wall thickness: From2 mm to 45 mm (1/16” to 1-5/8”).
Cylinder material: ABS; ozone and UV resistant.
Gasket: NBR.
Nut: ABS.
Bellow: EPDM, impervious to ozone and chemically treated swimming pool and spa water. No micro leak to avoid pumping action with air switches. Stainless steel spring.
Tube connection: Spout for 3 mm or 1.7 mm (1/8” or 1/16” I.D) flexible PVC or rubber tubing. We recommend tube securing nut to avoid accidental tubing disconnection.
Mechanical life: > 100.000 cycles.
Ambient temperature: -20+85°C
Spare parts: Cylinder assembly, button and bezel kit are available separately.
Options: Custom buttons with logo.

Model Black (RAL9005) Nicked plated White (RAL9003)
With tube securing nut 66ZM500060510000 66ZM500060710000 66ZM500060410000
Without tube securing nut 66ZM500060500000 66ZM500060700000 66ZM500060400000
SPDT contacts: replace the fifth character “2” in the reference by “3”

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