ULTIMHEAT : On-off rotary switch, 20A 250-400V Type LT

LT Type On-off rotary switch, 20A 250-400V
These on-off switches are designed for heater power switching. They are available in single pole contact, two pole (one level) and three pole or four-pole contact (two levels).

Main features
Installation: two M4 screws 28mm distance.
Shaft lengths available: 11.5;15; 23mm
Shafts: Galvanized steel
Electrical rating: 20A 250/ 400V res. , 6000 cycles
Rotation: 90° on-off angle
Operation diagram: the contacts are closed between 0° and 30 + / -5° angular and open between this value and 90°. There are stops at the 0 and 90 ° angle.
Contact clearance: between 0 and 20 ° angle, the contact spacing is greater than 3mm.
Temperature: 85°C
Case Material: PA66, UL94 VO
Connection: 6.35x0.8 tabs. Screw terminals available (MOQ)
Options: change of flat position, different contact opening or closing positions

Main references with 6.3 tabs*
Switches L=11.5mm L=15mm L=23mm
1 LT12190609060160 LT15190609060160 LT23190609060160
2 LT12290609060160 LT15290609060160 LT23290609060160
3 (2 levels) LT12390609060160 LT15390609060160 LT23390609060160
4 (2 levels) LT12390609060160 LT15390609060160 LT15390609060160
*Screw terminals option: replace 60 by V0 on the last 2 numbers in the product reference

Footprint with screw terminals

Accessories :
Soft grip On-Off knob, black , white printed, dia 41mm
Reference 66MZ0060000037AW
Black bezel with arrow.
Reference 66EN1

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*ULTIMHEAT &reg is a registered trademark