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  • ULTIMHEAT : Industrial temperature controls. Types Y6,Y7,Y8

    Y6, Y7, Y8 types temperature control boxes 77 x 35 mm, On OFF Electronic controllers types
    Main features
    These products come in 4 different dimensional configurations, in control (One sensor) or control + high limit safety (2 sensors or one sensor + one bulb)
    Ambient temperature measurement

    Remote measurement

    Rear rod measurement

    Measurement on rear mountedimmersion heater
    (We do not supply the immersion heater)

    Main advantages :
    • The simplest and most economical electronic controller with digital display of the Y8 electronic temperature controls range.
    • Heavy duty housing for outside use, IP65 and IK10.
    • Simple configuration by user (for more information see catalogue page 45 about 273 models .
    • Adjustable temperature differential and heating or cooling action
    • If open circuit or missing temperature sensor and if no power supply, output relay will open (Fail safe action)
    Standard equipment :
    • Fuse for internal circuit protection
    • Illuminated on-off switch
    • 4 wall mounting removable legs (Y8 versions only)
    • Connection block with 5 terminal for 6 mm² wires and 5 terminals for 2.5 mm² wires (10 x 10 mm ² for 30A and higher models).
    The connection block is equipped with a jumper between terminals 1 and 2, it allows connecting a safety device, a timer, or an external wired remote control.
    On versions using power relay(s) this jumper is on the power relays coil circuit.
    Controller contact action :
    • In models with manual reset high limit thermostats, close on rise contact action is not available on manual reset thermostat.
    • Control action: ON-OFF
    Contact action (Types with manual reset option) :
    Manual reset thermostat calibration must be specified at order. The electromechanical manual reset thermostat can be failsafe or standard. The choice of different configurations depends on the final application, and the requirements to use single poles or multiple pole switching systems, independent or not.
    Minimum calibration temperature for manual reset thermostats is 40 ° C (60°C for fail safe models), with open on temperature rise contact action.
    Cables output :
    • Cables gland output board is equipped in standard with one or two M25cable glands (Other cable gland boards: 2 x M20+1xM24, 1 x 1 “or 4 x M20 for flat heat tracing cables, see page 72).
    • The two back side M20 X 1.5 outputs are equipped with cable glands with silicone gasket to seal the temperature sensors outlet.
    • When the Y8 type is used with backside accessories, the version to use is the distance measurement, and sensor protection tube must be removed.
    Standard Accessories :
    • 10 PA66 red plastic seals, English-French installation manual.
    • Temperature sensor is included in the control box (see standard models page 51 of this catalogue)
    • For temperature ranges -35+35°C, 4-40°C, 0-10°C , probe is protected by waterproof plastic pocket
    • For higher temperature range, probe is protected by stainless steel pocket.
    Options :
    • Infrared remote control
    • Enclosure heater
    • 115-120V power supply.

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