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ULTIMHEAT is the European subsidiary of JPCI Controls, owned by the JUMEAU family, a French industrial family.

Our mission is to support the development of JPCI Controls' activities in Europe by providing its customers with comprehensive technical support, from initial request to delivery.

ULTIMHEAT has 4 key areas:

  • Promote and represent JPCI to its customers in Europe.
  • Distribute its parent company's products.
  • Develop products or specific solutions to specifications in collaboration with engineering offices.
  • Prospect and identify the needs of the European market, to guide future JPCI product roadmaps.

Based in Lyon (France), we are ideally located close to major transport hubs, enabling us to serve our customers throughout Europe and beyond.

JPCI Controls

JPCI Controls is an independent international French family-owned company founded in 1972, which is specialized in the design and production of mechanical thermostats, safety devices and electric heating systems for air and water for domestic and industrial use.
The company is based in Gaoming district of FOSHAN, Guangdong province in China.

Since the company was founded, our values have been innovation, listening, responsiveness and continuous improvement for optimum quality.

JPCI Controls at a glance:

  • French family-owned management
  • 250 patents and models in portfolio with an average of 20 filed each year
  • 750 square meters of ISO17025 certified laboratory by TÜV and UL
  • 350 employees, including 30 in R+D and laboratory
  • 30,000 square meters of production area
  • 10,000 references, more than 6 million products manufactured each year
  • A complete vertical integration to accelerate development and ensure quality control at every stage
  • Certified ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 by Bureau Veritas
  • Committed to the environment
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Our History

JPCI was founded in Belgium by Jacques Jumeau upon his graduation from university. The company's activities focus on the manufacturing of medical heating equipment.
The company leaves Belgium for France under the name JPB and begins manufacturing electromechanical bulb and capillary thermostats, electronic controls for pottery and industrial ovens.
The company was rebranded to JPC
JPC acquired LIEUBRAY, a French company that has been manufacturing rod thermostats since 1945, and then acquired Bürkert GmbH's (Germany) thermostat division, one of the largest European manufacturers of rod thermostats. These acquisitions have successively led to the development of many new innovative products that have been developed and patented in France.
The company is growing and experimenting with joint-venture production in Yugoslavia.
Joint venture production expands to Shenzhen
Jacques Jumeau sets up a new factory in Gaoming (China) under the name JPCI Thermostat Ltd, which later becomes JPCI Controls.
The company quadruples its production area to 4,000 square metres and obtains ISO9001
Gregoire JUMEAU is appointed CEO of the company. JPCI moves into a new 10,000 m2 factory built on land with scope for future expansion. The company is certified ISO14001.
10,000 additional square meters are being built, including an extension of the 750m² testing laboratory.
The laboratory obtains ISO 17025 certification issued by TÜV and UL.
10,000 square meters have been added to increase production capacity.The company employs 400 people, and its facilities total 30,000 square meters.
Creation of ULTIMHEAT's subsidiary in Lyon, France, to expand its presence
in Europe and better meet the needs of its customers.

Substainable development

For several years, we have been working daily to improve energy efficiency and fight against waste in order to reduce our environmental impact.

In 2019, we have chosen to integrate photovoltaic electricity production on the roofs of our buildings in order to reduce our dependence and limit our ecological footprint. The result of this investment allows us to cover 30% of our daily needs.

Inspired by the environmental policies implemented at the international level, other projects have been conducted in recent years, such as:

  • Deployment of an electric vehicle fleet for the company, executives, and management.
  • Installation of free charging stations for employees' electric cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, powered by photovoltaic production
  • Implementation of bus lines to streamline traffic and reduce the number of vehicles used by the staff.
  • Conversion to 100% LED lighting
  • The elimination of paper documents in the production chain in favor of centralization on our ERP system.
  • Treatment of air emissions from production machines and dust treatment to combat fine particles by installing water curtain and carbon filters.
  • Treatment of production wastewater

Reduction of ambient noise by installing noise barriers and systematically replacing hydraulic by electric systems (less noise, less consumption) for our machinery.

These choices, which have been praised by our customers during their audits as well as by certification bodies, contribute to making JPCI Controls a responsible company committed to environmental protection.