Our company has an extensive in-house laboratory covering more than 750 square meters, dedicated to rigorously evaluating the performance, ageing characteristics, and compliance with international standards applicable to our products. Our main certificates are issued by TÜV, VDE, UL, IECEX, CQC.

Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to replicate all normative tests, including endurance testing, IP testing, dust testing, vibration testing, material testing, ROHS compliance testing, and contact opening speed measurement.

This comprehensive testing capability, combined with our ISO17025 certification by TÜV and UL, underlines our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.
By carrying out these rigorous tests in-house, we not only ensure the highest quality standards for our products, but also speed up the time-to-market process for our customers.

Verticality & Quality

Our vertical integration allows us to control every stage of the manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials to final assembly. This ensures that our products meet the highest quality standards.

With the help of our laboratory, we begin by carefully selecting the raw materials that meet our strict specifications. We then use state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture our products in our own facilities. This allows us to monitor closely the manufacturing process and ensure that each product is made to our exacting standards.

In addition, we use a barcode scanning system to track each product throughout the manufacturing process. This is capable to trace the history of each product, from the raw materials used to the final assembly. This information is essential to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

By tracking each product throughout the manufacturing process, we can identify and correct any potential problems at an early stage.

Our vertical integration gives us a competitive advantage and allows us to deliver high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers.

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