Controls, Safety & Regulation
Type 273D / 273B - Electronic humidity / temperature controllers

Type 273D / 273B - Electronic humidity / temperature controllers

Controls, Safety & Regulation
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Main Features

Mini-sized and integrated intelligent controller, with very simple end-user interface: Change of set point is made without password, with up and down keys.

Input Humidity: capacitive sensor

Input temperature (if T° option exists): NTC R@25°C:

10Kohms (±1%), B@25/50°C: 3380Koms (±1%)

Output relays: 16A 250V res. and (or) 10A 250V res. Depending on models.

Output relay action for temperature (if T° option exists):

customer set to open on temperature rise or close on temperature rise

Temperature differential (if T° option exists): adjustable by customers, from 1 to 10 °C

Output relay action for humidity: customer set to open by humidity rise or close by humidity rise

Temperature display: (if T° option exists) –45°C +120° ±1°C or 0.3% FE ± one digit. Customer setting of display in °C or °F.

Humidity display: 1-99% (+/-5%)

Humidity adjustment range: 20 to 99%

Humidity differential adjustment range: 1 to 70%

Other settings: start delay time and offset

Power supply: AC 220-230V 50-60Hz

Self-testing: Over-scale, under-scale, and open circuit sensor display.

Dimensions: 77 x 35 X 60mm. Panel cut-out 71x29mm

Ambient temperature: -10 to 60°C, 20 to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing.

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