Controls, Safety & Regulation
Automatic Thermostat
Type 2PE2N6 - Blind electronic thermostat, 16A

Type 2PE2N6 - Blind electronic thermostat, 16A

Controls, Safety & Regulation
Automatic Thermostat
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Applications principles

This electronic thermostat for incorporation has been designed to allow a distant temperature control of flexible silicone heaters. It is mounted with two screws M4 at the same distance 28mm than bulb and capillary thermostats, uses a 6mm dia. shaft with 4.6mm flat, and its knob rotation angle is 230°. Its electrical rating is 16A 230V, identical to the electromechanical thermostats. This is an economical solution, useful in catering equipment.

Main features

Action: On-Off.

Size: 60 × 43 × 23mm.

Temperature sensor: NTC thermistor, 10Kohms @25°C, B(25-50)= 3380

Temperature ranges: 20-125°C (68-260°F)

Temperature differential: adjustable, by potentiometer with front access, from 0.5 to 5.5°C (0.9 to 10°F) for other temperature ranges.

Accuracy: +/ -1% of scale (NTC sensor tolerances not included).

Power supply: 180 to 240V, 50Hz or 60Hz.

Relay output: 16A250V resistive, 100000 cycles.

Relay action: open on temperature rise

Ambient: -20+50°C, 10-85% RH.

Power: <2W

Electrical connections:

- Power supply and power relay: 2.5mm² screw terminal block.

- Temperature sensor: 1.5mm² screw terminal block.

Adjustment shaft: the thermostat is shipped with a dia. 6mm with 4.6mm flat shaft, length 11mm, assembled. Included is also a set of: one 15mm shaft, one 28mm shaft and one screw driver adjustment shaft.

Options: available with many other temperature ranges. Also available with manual reset action (Ask for full technical data sheet).

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