Controls, Safety & Regulation
Automatic Thermostat
Type 3AY - Electronic power control for infrared heaters, 25 to 60A

Type 3AY - Electronic power control for infrared heaters, 25 to 60A

Controls, Safety & Regulation
Automatic Thermostat
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Solid state relay power control, for metering power of infrared emitters between 5% and 100% of their nominal value.For use in professional and commercial premises, industrial and livestock buildings.

Main Features

Set point display: potentiometer graduated in % of power.

Output: zero crossing, (no radio interference), with 10ms cycle time, for use on low thermal inertia medium and long infrared emitters.

Enclosure: 180x130x78mm, rear in aluminum with cooling fins, front in black PA66.

Protection class: IP65, with waterproof gasket on adjustment potentiometer shaft

Mounting: Wall mounting, with 4 removable legs, 70 x 96mm distance

Internal Connection: 4 ways 6mm ², ceramic terminal block. (2 power input terminals, 2 power output terminals). 2 earth terminals.

Cables Input-Output: by 2 cable glands, M20, polyamide.

Overheat protection: built in high limit disc thermostat, automatic reset, opens at 80°C.

2 pole on-off switch: Available on 25A 220-240 models only (does not allow power adjustment between 0 and 20%)

Residual voltage at off: ≤ 1.5V

Leakage current at off : ≤ 4mA

Ambient temperature: -20 to +70 ° C

Isolation Voltage: 2000VAC

Insulation resistance: 500MΩ/500VDC


-Like all solid state relays, this device dissipates about 0.5% of the power by the Joule effect.

– Install this unit in a line with a power switch and an appropriate circuit breaker.

– Not to be used for electric motors speed control

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