Heating Equipment
Fan Heaters
Type 9SQ - Air heating elements for incorporation with tubular sheathed heating element, thermostat and high limit.

Type 9SQ - Air heating elements for incorporation with tubular sheathed heating element, thermostat and high limit.

Heating Equipment
Fan Heaters
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Main applications

These heavy duty sub-assemblies are designed to allow remodeling operations in existing buildings and apartments, replacing old generation of electric heating convectors while preserving the existing locations and frames. Wall mounting by a U-rail at the rear allows easy positioning. The use of a sheathed stainless steel heating element gives an outstanding life span.

They are equipped with an adjustable thermostat, allowing local control of temperature. Their control circuit can also be controlled by a centralized control. A safety thermostat protects against the air flow outlet covering.

They exist in a version for natural convection heating and a fan assisted convection heating.

Main features

Dimensions: 875 × 124 × 74mm

Frame material: Electro-galvanized steel

Heating elements: One or two sheathed elements, 10mm diameter, stainless steel 304L, length 700mm (Optional: 321 stainless steel).

On-Off switch: 2 poles rocker switch, illuminated

High limit thermostat: Disc, manual reset, open at 70°C, used to protect against obstruction of air inlet or outlets.

Temperature control thermostat: Bulb and capillary, temperature range 4-40°C

Electrical connection: Ceramic terminal block

Surface load:

For safe use, we recommend a maximum surface load of 1.2 W/cm² (7.8 W/in²) for applications in natural convection (surface temperature resistance ~ 300°C), and 2.4 W/cm² (15.6W/in²) for applications in forced convection (surface temperature resistance ~ 250°C for an air velocity ~ 2.5m/s).

Voltage: 230V. Other values on request

Tolerances on power: +5/-10%

Warning: Heating element surface can reach high temperature and may cause burns or ignition of flammable materials.

The integrator must ensure that in its application, these heaters cannot be touched by the final user, and cannot come into contact with combustible materials. For this purpose he must follow the installation specification requested by local and applicable standards.


This product can be produced on demand with different lengths. (MOQ apply).

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