Controls, Safety & Regulation
Flow Switches
Type R1B - Paddle flow switches, micro-switch contact, ¾" BSPP union nut

Type R1B - Paddle flow switches, micro-switch contact, ¾" BSPP union nut

Controls, Safety & Regulation
Flow Switches
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Main application

Water flow detection on water pipes

Functional principle: Balanced paddle, perpendicular to the main flow, actuating a micro-switch. Flexible elastomeric gasket between paddle and electric switch

Main housing material: PPO, fiber glass reinforced, usable with potable water.

Paddle material: Polypropylene, resistant to ozone and water disinfection products

Paddle gasket: Santoprene, resistant to ozone and water disinfection products

Electrical rating: 3A resistive, 250V AC

Electric contact type: SPDT, open or close by flow rise

Liquids compatibility: For use with clean water and liquids without chemical incompatibility with PPO and Santoprene

Nominal pressure at 20°C: 1MPa (PN10).

Nominal diameter: Can be used on 20 to 63 mm internal diameter pipes.

The paddle is cleavable and can be cut at various lengths upon pipe diameter. There are cutting lines numbered 1 to 9 every 5mm.

Recommended mounting position: Vertical, with paddle downside. Other positions are possible with a change in the calibration value related to the paddle weight.

Water pipe connection: Supplied with a fiber glass reinforced PA66 G¾"(BSPP) union nut and NBR gasket. Must be used on a BSPP¾ male fitting perpendicular to the main pipe.

Recommended torque: 7Nm.

Version for snap-in mounting (see accessories) has no nut

Liquids temperature range: 5 to 80°C

Ambient temperature range: 5 to 50°C

Ingress protection: IP65

Electrical connection: 3 × 0.75 mm² cable, PVC insulation, T80°, style H05VVF. 2 ways connection block on models with enclosure.

Installation instructions:

- Check carefully the paddle orientation: The arrow on housing must be exactly parallel to the pipe

- A 5 mm minimum gap must be respected between end of the paddle and tube wall opposite to the ¾" fitting.

- We recommend the use of nozzles of length less than or equal to 18mm between the gasket seat and the inside of the tube and with an inner diameter greater than or equal to 14mm, to avoid blocking of the pallet


¾" PVC saddles for DN40 to DN100 (OD) PVC pipes, and other fittings: see section 8 of catalogue N°6.


- Cable with connector or terminals, other cable length, nickel plated brass nut.

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