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Type Y29C, Y29D - Connection box, pipe mounting leg, for two traditional or self-regulating cables, one power supply cable and temperature sensor cable

Type Y29C, Y29D - Connection box, pipe mounting leg, for two traditional or self-regulating cables, one power supply cable and temperature sensor cable

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This box allows to connect a power supply cable to 2 heating cables. It also allows the conductors of the temperature sensor cable to be connected.

The mounting on a cylindrical foot allows a simple crossing of the thermal insulation of the piping and its protective sheath by a simple hole diameter 50mm.

The foot can thus be placed at the same time as the temperature sensor and the heating cables, and remains on standby during the installation of the insulation and the protective sheath.

The connection box then can be mounted when these operations are completed and the cables can be connected at this time.

The terminal blocks are easily accessible and the connection is simple, including for self-regulating flat cables with metallic protective braid.

Main features

Material: Polyamide 6 black, 160mm x 100mm x 60mm (Cable glands not included). Excellent UV resistance.

Waterproof grade: IP66, IP69K (Withstand hot pressure hot water washing).

Impact resistance: IK10 (highest), except cable glands and connector.

Mounting: It is made by a central foot in PPS resistant to temperature, being mounted on the pipe by two nylon cable ties or two metal hose clamps. The distance between the housing and the piping is 110 to 120mm (Varies depending on the diameter of the piping)

Terminal block: All terminals are fitted with screws with a vibration resistant square washer, allowing clamping on all types of conductors, flexible or rigid.

The connection jumpers between the terminals are prewired and invisible.

- Allowable sections: 1mm² to 2.5mm² on the connection terminals of the power cables and the heating cables; 0.5mm² to 1.5mm² on the terminals for the temperature sensor.

- Maximum admissible current: 16A 250V

Power supply input:

3 possible solutions

*1 / By M24 cable glands, with NBR 70 Shore gasket (Silicone is possible on request).

Maximum cable diameter: 6; 8 or 12.2 mm depending on the gasket installed. (Comes with a set of 3 gaskets covering the different ranges of diameters).

*2 / By 5-way waterproof connector (3 ways for power supply conductors and 2 ways for the temperature sensor)

*3 / By M25 cable gland (available on request).

Input of the temperature sensor cable, coming from the temperature control system:

2 possible solutions

*1/ By the 5-way connector (see above).

*2/ By M12 cable gland.

Heating cables outlet: By the central foot, with silicone seals

- Limit sizes of flat cables:

- from 8 x 5 to 9.5 x 6 mm

- from 9.5 x 2.5 to 11 x 3.5 mm

- from 11 x 4 to 13 x 6mm

(Comes with a set of 3 fittings covering the different dimensions).

For more information on the different seals used, see the catalogue N°12, page about the 6YTPP pipe mounting feet.

Temperature sensor conductor output:

2 possible solutions

*1 / By the central foot, which has a passage for cables from 2.8 to 3mm, usual size for NTC, PT100 and thermocouples.

*2 / By an M12 cable gland

Inviolability: The box can receive one or two seals (Comes with 5 red seals)

Easy assembly: Assembly is done with the lid open, with wide access.

Compatibility: On its rear side, this box has M4 threaded inserts to mount mechanical thermostats of the Y0D8, Y0D9, Y0A8, Y0A9, Y0D9 series (see other pages of this catalogue), allowing a measurement of the ambient temperature or of the pipe surface temperature.

Standard variation: Replacement of the connection block by a Din rail for customer’s connection blocks.


- Additional M20x1.5 thread for antifreeze disc thermostat or ambient temperature sensor incorporation.

- Empty box without terminal block and without Din Rail

- Box without drilling or cable gland or foot threads.

Feel free to contact us for parts numbers of simplified models with only one dimension of cable gland gasket for round wire and flat wires and customized label, (OEM versions).

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