Controls, Safety & Regulation
Automatic Thermostat
Type Y2D, Y2M - Bulb and capillary thermostats,with 2 built-in pilot lights

Type Y2D, Y2M - Bulb and capillary thermostats,with 2 built-in pilot lights

Controls, Safety & Regulation
Automatic Thermostat
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Main Features

Housing: PC-ABS, fiberglass reinforced, UL94V0. High impact and UV resistance, with waterproof gasket on thermostat shaft for external adjustment types.

Internal adjustment types have a PC transparent cover, to visualize the pilot lights and the set point adjustment.

Cable input: M20 cable gland, Black PA66, for cables from 6 to 12mm dia.

Set point adjustment: By °C printed knob for external adjustment models, by screw driver and printed dial on internal adjustment models. External adjustment types have an adjustable rotation limit system located inside the knob that allows reducing the set point adjustment span. °F values are available in option.

Sensing element: Liquid filled bulb, distance measurement with capillary.

Temperature adjustment ranges: -35+35°C (-30+95°F), 4-40°C (40-105°F), 30-90°C (85-195°F), 30-110°C (90-230°F), 50-200°C (120-390°F), 50-300°C (120-570°F), 100-400°C (210-750°F), 100-500°C (210-930°F).

Capillary length: 1.5 m

Pilot lights: Allow to visualize the power supply and thermostat contact position (230V Phase and Neutral power supply is mandatory for pilot lights)

Electrical connections: On screw terminals. (It is possible to connect 2 wires 1.5mm² on each terminal). In option, an auxiliary connection block can be added, providing 3 neutral terminals.

Mounting: Wall mounting, by two side lugs with holes for dia. 4mm screws, on a 59 × 60mm diagonal.

Contact: SPNC (open on temperature rise).

Electrical rating, resistive loads:

16A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: >100.000 cycles,

20A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: ≥50.000 cycles,

10A 400V, 50 ~60Hz: ≥50.000 cycles.

Electrical rating, inductive loads:

6A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: >100.000 cycles

Minimum Storage temperature: -35°C (-30°F)

Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C (140°F)

For more technical information ask 8G thermostat technical data sheet.

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