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Type Y514 - 4 ways in line connection box for heat tracing cables, with insulation piercing terminals, for self-regulating cables

Type Y514 - 4 ways in line connection box for heat tracing cables, with insulation piercing terminals, for self-regulating cables

Components & Accessories
Tracing Equipment
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This box is used to connect a power supply cable to 3 self-regulating cable. It can be mounted flat on a surface, or on a pipe, including with insulation up to 50mm thick.

It is designed to snap onto the pipe mounting brackets.

The terminal blocks are easily accessible and the connection is very simple, in particular for flat self-regulating cables with metallic protective braid.

Main features

Material: Fiberglass reinforced polyamide 66 black, 105mm x 45mm x 41mm (Cable glands not included). Superior UV resistance. This material is non-flammable (UL94V0) and offers the best grade of glow wire temperature resistance (GWFI 960).

Waterproof grade: IP67 and IP69K (high pressure hot water washing)

Shocks resistance: The highest, IK10 (Cable gland not included).


- Wall mounting: 2 removable wall mounting lugs allow the mounting on a flat surface. Holes distance 60 x 90mm.

- Pipe mounting with 10mm offset: Two snap-on plastic legs supplied as standard allow attachment to a tube using a nylon hose clamp.

- Pipe mounting with 50mm offset: one snap-on metal stainless steel bracket allows the installation of a thermal insulation and its protection before snapping-on the box on it and making electric connections. (Available as an accessory, see catalogue page on 6YTQT parts).


- The terminals intended for the self-regulating heating conductors are piercing the insulation layers with a double chisel blade, and retain the contact pressure by means of an elastic blade (patented).

- These terminals are designed to receive self-regulating heating cables with any distance between the bus wires between 2mm and 10mm.

- These terminals can also possibly be used for conventional conductors of power supply cables.

- The terminals for the conductors of the power supply cables are clamped with traditional pressure screw. We recommend them for this type of conductor, often flexible type, with many strands of small diameter, that can be damaged by the knives of the insulation piercing terminals.

- All terminals are protected against loosening by vibration or thermal shock.

- The mechanical tightening of the cable is ensured by a screwed metal saddle, usable on round or flat cable.

This patented saddle also ensures the earthing of the metal braid of the heating cables.

- Wire gauge: 3 x 1 mm² to 3 x 2.5mm².

- Maximum permissible intensity: 16A 250V.

Interconnection: The neutral terminals (N) are internally connected by a jumper and so are the Line (L) terminals.

Cables outlet: with M24 cable glands, with 70 shore NBR gaskets (Silicone is available on request).

- Maximum diameter of round cables: 8; 12 or 14 mm depending on the gaskets installed.

- Limit sizes of oblong cables:

- from 8 x 5 to 9.5 x 6 mm

- from 9.5 x 2.5 to 11 x 3.5 mm

- from 11 x 4 to 13 x 6mm

- from 12.5 x 8 to 14.2 x 9.2mm

For more information about tightening possibilities on round and oblong cables, see the catalogue page on 6YTP cable glands.

Inviolability: The case can receive one or two seals (delivered with 5 red seals)

Sealing: Supplied with 5 red plastic ties for use in the sealing holes

Easy assembly: Assembly is made with full access to terminals when cover is removed. Mounting on wall or pipe can be made with cover removed or cover assembled.

Accessory: Bracket in stainless steel for offset mounting on pipe with up to 50mm insulation thickness. Designed to snap on the connection box without screws. See the accessories pages on 6YTQT models.


- 3 output models (one cable gland is removed and replaced by a cap)

- Independent lines (internal jumpers between connectors are removed)

Feel free to contact us for parts numbers of simplified models with only one dimension of cable gland gasket for round wire and flat wires, customized label, and specific set of accessories for pipe mounting (OEM versions).

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