Controls, Safety & Regulation
Manual Reset Thermostat
Type 8L - SPNC manual reset high limit, fail safe

Type 8L - SPNC manual reset high limit, fail safe

Controls, Safety & Regulation
Manual Reset Thermostat
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Technical features

Applications: Protection against the overheating of the heaters due to an abnormal rise of the liquid temperature due to a flow failure.

The mounting of the bulbs can be made inside standard dia. 8.5mm pockets, or in an additional thermowell added on request.

The thermostat body can be installed in a protective cover of the heating elements outputs, or remotely in a separate control cabinet.

They are resettable after tripping, but prior full audit of the circuit is essential to find the cause of overheating and correct it before restarting.

Housing dimensions: 43 × 35 × 29mm (without terminals).

Bulb and capillary: Stainless steel, capillary length 250mm or 1500mm, 150mm long PVC sleeve on capillary. Capillary minimum bending radius 5mm.

Temperature sensing element: Liquid filled bulb and capillary.

Terminals: 6.35 × 0.8 quick connect terminals (M4 screws also available on request).

Adjustment: Fixed setting, sealed.

Manual reset: Fail safe, fixed setting, front access reset button.

Fail safe contact action by low temperature: Temperatures under -10°C (14°F) will trigger the manual reset.

Mounting: Front bushing , M10 × 1 thread

Rating: 16A 250/ 400VAC

Contacts: SPST (snap action contact)

Max ambient temperature on body: 150°C (302°F)

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