Controls, Safety & Regulation
Automatic Thermostat
Type 4YC - Miniature temperature limiters, calibration up to 90°C (194°F), to use when R290 may be present

Type 4YC - Miniature temperature limiters, calibration up to 90°C (194°F), to use when R290 may be present

Controls, Safety & Regulation
Automatic Thermostat
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Miniature temperature limiters, not current sensing, calibration up to 90°C (194°F), wires connection to use when R290 highly flammable refrigerant classed A3 upon ISO 817 may be present.

This is not a Ex certified product

General rules for installation

Important note:

Limiter designed to comply ONLY with IEC60079-0: 2011 (Explosive atmospheres, general requirements), § and IEC 60079-15: 2010 (Explosive atmospheres, Equipment protection by type of protection “n”) § 19 ; 22.5.1 ; 22.5.2 ; ; and, when R32 mildly flammable refrigerant classed A2L upon Ashrae 34 and ISO 817, as found in air conditioning and heat pumps, may be present (See EN6.335-2-40)

Approval: TÜV Test report TÜV GC/70269203

Housing: IP65 aluminum, epoxy potted, many different dimensions, see drawings

Temperature sensing element: Miniature bimetal disc, not current sensitive

Electrical connection: Two PVC insulated wires, 0.75mm2, T105°C (221°F). H05VVF 300V/500V. Wire ends with crimped terminals.

Ground: By the enclosure body

Adjustment: These limiters are factory calibrated, with no adjustment possible by user. Calibration values are checked on it before encapsulation.

Mounting: Surface or through wall

Response time: These limiters are not designed to respond quickly if the temperature rise rate is higher than 1°C per minute.

Contacts: Single pole snap action contact, open or close by temperature rise

Electrical rating: 5A 240V resistive (100.000 cycles) and 5A 240V inductive (6.000 cycles). Suitable for power control, remote control of relay coils or PLCs circuits.

These devices use silver contacts or silver alloy contacts. Due to the possible oxidation of the contacts in time, we do not recommend the use of AC or DC low-voltage circuits (24V or less) if the switched intensity is less than 100mA, or the switched power less than 800mW.

Option: On request rating up to 16A 240V with 1.5mm² wires (Need certification testing)

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