Heating Equipment
Silicon Heaters
Type 9AD - Heating flat ribbons in silicone, width 35 mm, maximum length 10m, for electric tracing

Type 9AD - Heating flat ribbons in silicone, width 35 mm, maximum length 10m, for electric tracing

Heating Equipment
Silicon Heaters
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Main features

Silicone rubber ribbons are made of fiberglass reinforced laminated silicone rubber sheets, vulcanized together through heat and high pressure on both sides of an embedded specially formed heating wire element. Fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber gives the heater dimensional stability without sacrificing flexibility.

Silicone is used because of its high temperature resistance (Permanent temperature up to 200°C /390°F), high thermal conductivity (~7 10-4 W/cm.K) and good electrical insulation properties (~12KV/mm).

This series is distinguished by its 35mm width allowing it to be wound around pipes for electrical tracing applications.

This width also allows to embed fixed setting thermostats or temperature limiters on the heater surface.

Heating elements of this series can be made with constant power when the temperature rise, or with positive temperature coefficient reducing the power when the temperature rises.

Other general particularities of these heaters are:

- Not affected by vibration or flexing,

- Lightweight,

- Comply with UL94-VO (flame retardant) and ROHS,

- Low smoke and low Toxicity,

- Silicone is non-toxic, and moisture and chemical resistant,

- Very thin profile

Main Applications

Some typical applications examples are:

Provide process temperature maintenance or avoid freezing to metallic and plastic piping, gutters, valves, pumps, water meters. These ribbons are usually wrapped around the pipe or equipment, but can also be mounted longitudinally.

Unlike self-regulating heating cords using PTC plastic compounds, they are not subject to a drift in their characteristics over time, and they exist in a wider surface power range.

Technical Features

Clamping: Installation is usually done on pipes, with fiberglass reinforced tape, or using adhesive heater.

Length (Dimension A): 2.5m, 5m, 10m

Width: 35 mm

Silicone foil minimum bending radius: 3.2 mm (0.125”)

Ingress protection: IP65.

Minimum ambient temperature: -10°C (+15°F)

Voltage: 220-240VAC.

Power tolerance: ±10% at 20°C

Temperature limiters: This series can receive many temperature limiters models. They are described in the section 7 of this catalogue

Temperature control: By fixed setting bimetal thermostat, switches on the heating at 4 +/-3°C (39+/-5°F), switches it off at 10+/-3°C (50+/-5°F), electric rating 10A 250V. K thermocouple sensor can be embedded on request and then allows electronic temperature control. In this version, the bimetal thermostat is removed.

Power density: from 0.1W/cm² (0.65W/inch²) to 0.8W/cm² (5.2 W/inch²). See part numbers table.

Don’t use power density higher than 0.2W/cm² on plastic walls. Check the surface temperature rise versus surface power density. (Table is available in the technical introduction).

Thickness of the flexible silicone foil: 1.6 mm (economical types) or 2.5mm (reinforced models).

Quality control routine tests: Each heating element is 100% tested for continuity, resistance and insulation. Tests are made according to EN 60335-1 and EN 50106 standards. See technical introduction.

Dielectric Strength: 1750V AC.

Insulation resistance: ≥ 10 Megohms.

Operating temperature:

The temperature of the heated product is generally much lower than that of the surface and depends mainly on the surface power (W/cm²), the quality of the thermal contact, the viscosity, heat capacity and thermal conductivity of the heated product, the good positioning of the heater the ambient temperature, and the fluid speed inside the pipe.

You can find in the technical introduction examples of the temperatures reached by silicone rubber heaters. They represent the temperature that may reach the heating element if it is not correctly installed.


- 2 wires 0.75mm² (AWG18), FEP insulated, length 500mm (other lengths on request).

- 2 x 0.75mm² (AWG18), 3m cord, with euro plug or UL plug (2 prongs).

- Above 1250W (6A) the wire gauge becomes 1mm² (AWG16)

- 3 x 1mm² (3xAWG16) 3 m cord, rubber insulated, with euro or UL plug (3 prongs), or without plug.


- Power supply 110/115V

- Grounded mesh wire shield layer

Safety standards:

The heaters have been designed in compliance with EEC Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC and EMC directive 2004/108/EC. They must be installed in accordance with all local applicable instructions, codes, and regulations.

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