Heating Equipment
Jacket Heaters
Type 9VJMA - Flexible jacket heaters with adjustable electronic thermostat, surface mounted, for glass or plastic containers

Type 9VJMA - Flexible jacket heaters with adjustable electronic thermostat, surface mounted, for glass or plastic containers

Heating Equipment
Jacket Heaters
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Main Features

Thanks to its adjustable electronic thermostat, these flexible jacket heaters are used for antifreeze protection, reheating, temperature stabilization, to reduce viscosity or to melt soaps, animal or vegetable fats, varnishes, oils, food or chemical products.

This series of jacket heaters is the most universal solution for heating at a set temperature glass or plastic containers.

They are available for containers of 18L/20L (5 US gallons), 23L/25L (6 US gallons), 30L (8 US gallons), 60L (15 US gallons) and 110 liters (30 US gallons).

The jacket heater covers almost the entire surface and is surmounted by a soft collar “a scarf” preventing it from sliding down.

They can be made with two power levels (0.05W/cm² and 0.1W/cm²) and two thicknesses of insulation (10mm in standard and 20mm in option) to cover antifreeze applications even for very low temperatures. See these applications described in the technical introduction.

They can also simply be used to maintain positive temperature of liquids.

In these models their surface temperature is limited to 65°C to prevent deformation or melting of plastic containers, or temperature stress breaking of glass containers.

When they are used with an insulated lid and an insulated pedestal, their energetic efficiency can rise 90%.

Technical characteristics

The heating element of the flexible jacket heater consists of a network of silicone insulated heating wires shielded by a metal braid, taken under a cover sewn in PU and Teflon coated polyester fabric.

A 10mm thick, temperature-resistant NBR-PVC foam insulation is inserted between the heating network and the outer wall. This insulating foam has an insulation coefficient (Lambda λ) of 0.039W/m.K, and this makes it possible to divide the energy losses by 3 compared to jacket heaters insulated with mineral wool or carbon fiber felt of the same thickness.

Adjustable metal buckles allow quick assembly and disassembly and efficient clamping on the container. Their mechanical strength is exceptional.

Fabric covering:

- Internal heating face: Teflon coated polyester fabric,

- External side: waterproof PU coated polyester fabric.

Thermal insulation:

NBR-PVC foam, with closed cells and high temperature resistance, thickness 10mm. This thickness is chosen for its great flexibility, important on small containers.

Heating element:

Silicon insulated heating wire with metal braid providing mechanical protection against puncturing and good grounding.

Temperature control:

By an electronic thermostat adjustable from 4 to 40°C, located in a waterproof box mounted on the external surface of the jacket heater. It controls the temperature by means of a thermistor probe placed on the inner surface of the fabric in contact with the container. This probe has an anticipation loop avoiding overheating. Two pilot lamps indicate the presence of voltage and the heating function. A temperature limiter is incorporated in the heating net to limit the surface temperature to 65°C.

Connection cable:

Insulated rubber power supply cable, for industrial environments, 3 x 1mm² length 3m, Euro plug. UL plug on request.

Mounting on containers:

These jacket heaters feature nylon straps with quick-release adjustable buckles for adjustment to the diameter of the container, and a soft fabric collar without thermal insulation named scarf. This flexible scarf can be used to hold in place an insulating lid in the case of cylindrical containers.


- Electronic thermostat temperature range from-40 to +40°C

- Insulating foam thickness 20mm for applications in very low temperatures.

- 0.135W/cm² surface load for fast heating. See technical introduction.

- Power supply 110/115V

- Power cord with industrial plug 2-pole + earth 16A CEE (IEC60309)

- Lids and insulating pedestals: see the accessories pages.

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