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Type BJ - Steatite connection blocks 450V range

Type BJ - Steatite connection blocks 450V range

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Protected against accidental electric contact, stamped terminals, with double entries and double tightening, can be used as a very high temperature junction box.

Main features

The BJ series differs from the BL series by its terminals, which are double input and double clamping.

This configuration allows to independently clamp two conductors per input, while providing a significant economy of material.

They allow the simple connection of distribution cables for series-connected devices, such as lighting systems in road or rail tunnels, each terminal can at the same time ensure the continuity of the main line, and the diversion to one or two devices.

Because of their construction, they are non-flammable and resistant to temperature and humidity without losing their electrical and insulating characteristics.

Depending on the materials used for the manufacture of the terminals, they can withstand more or less prolonged fire condtitions.

This series includes versions with direct clamping or indirect clamping by screw on stainless steel pressure plate, more suitable for flexible and extra-flexible cables.

Ceramic: Steatite type C221, unglazed, slightly creamy color.

Typical insulation resistance between two terminals (500V measuring voltage):

at 20°C (70°F): 300 MΩ

at 100°C (212°F): 250 MΩ

at 200°C (390°F): 200 MΩ

at 300°C (570°F): 190 MΩ

at 400°C (750°F): 190 MΩ

The insulation values with respect to the earth are approximately 2 times greater.

The EN 60998 standard imposes an insulation resistance greater than 5 MΩ. Their insulating characteristics are therefore about 20 to 40 times higher, including at 400°C (750°F).

Dielectric strength: higher than 3000V. Minimum insulation distance through ceramic between 2 terminals: 2mm

Maximum operating voltage: 450V, in pollution class 3.

Insulation distances: Greater than 4mm between mounting face and terminals, between terminals, and between two connection blocks mounted side by side.

Live parts: Protected against accidental electrical contact (Standard Finger Type A according to IEC 61032).

Mounting: they have one or two holes for installing them with a f screw on a wall or a board. A hexagonal recess makes it possible to place a round-headed or hexagonal-headed screw, or a nut. This allows mounting with clamping by the front or the back.

Applicable standards: (IEC) EN 60998-1; (IEC) EN 60998-2-1.

See datasheet for all technical characteristics and drawings.

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