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Tracing Equipment
Type Y8WR-X, Y8WR-Y - Electronic thermostat, NTC sensor, for heat trace pipe temperature control, remote wall mounting

Type Y8WR-X, Y8WR-Y - Electronic thermostat, NTC sensor, for heat trace pipe temperature control, remote wall mounting

Controls, Safety & Regulation
Tracing Equipment
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These waterproof control boxes with wall mounting allow remote control of the surface temperature of the pipes.

The connection to the heating elements is via a connection box with or without offset mounting foot, type Y26, Y27, Y28, Y29, or with a 3-conductor power cable and a separate NTC temperature sensor cable, or by an offset mounting foot connection box type Y29B and a single 5-conductor cable equipped with a 5-way connector. The use this model is simple and intuitive, similar to electromechanical thermostats, and does not need specially trained users.

The use of a wired temperature measurement sensor, which can be disconnected, allows to overcome the problems of wall crossing of bulb thermostats, the capillary of which cannot be cut, and to proceed with installation of connection and control boxes after mounting the heating cables and the temperature sensor, installation of the pipe insulation and installation of the insulation protection sheath.

Main features

Enclosure: IP69K, reinforced PA66, with polycarbonate window access. Sealable cover and window.

Wall mounting: Four removable and rotatable legs.

Electrical connection:

- On internal terminal block for power supply on all models.

- On the model with 3 cable glands: On internal terminal block for the output and the temperature sensor.

- On the model with output by 5-way connector, the internal wiring of the power output and the temperature sensor to the connector is carried out.

Cable glands:

- Three cable glands model: Two M24 cable glands for power supply and power output and one M12 cable gland for the temperature sensor.

- 5-way connector model: A 5-way female connector mounted on the wall of the housing and a 5-way male connector to be mounted on cable, and an M24 cable gland for the power supply cable.

Miscellaneous devices: Main illuminated switch and safety fuse.

Electronic thermostat: Adjustment by knob printed in °C or in °F.

Action: ON-Off. (The differential adjustment is possible by a potentiometer accessible by removing the knob)

Temperature sensor: NTC, R @ 25°C: 10 Kohms (± 1%), B @ 25/50° 3380 Kohms (± 1%). Interchangeable sensors.

Power output: By 16A 230V resistive relay

Power supply: 220-230V AC, 50-60Hz.

Self-check: Open sensor circuit detection.

Ambient temperature: -10 to 60°C, 20 to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Option: Pipe mounting bracket. Screwed on the back of the case, it allows mounting on a horizontal or vertical tube, at a distance of about 50mm. (See accessories 6YTPT).

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