Controls, Safety & Regulation
Types Q8WHH / Q8WHM - Electronic on-off relative humidity controllers with IP 65 enclosure

Types Q8WHH / Q8WHM - Electronic on-off relative humidity controllers with IP 65 enclosure

Controls, Safety & Regulation
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Main Features

Applications: Relative humidity display or control in cold rooms and commercial applications.

Sensing element: capacitive sensor, protected by plastic housing, with 2 meter cable.

Electronic control features: Miniature intelligent controller (see description P13).

Main advantages:

  • The simplest and most economical electronic controller with digital display.
  • Heavy duty housing for outside use, IP65 and IK10.
  • Simple configuration by user
  • Adjustable temperature differential and selection of heating or cooling action, adjustable humidity differential and selection of humidifying or dehumidifying action
  • If open circuit or missing temperature sensor and if no power supply, output relay will open (Fail safe action)

Standard equipment:

  • Fuse for internal circuit protection
  • Illuminated on-off switch
  • 4 wall mounting removable legs
  • Connection block with 5 terminals for 6 mm² wires and 5 terminals for 2.5 mm² wires. The connection block is equipped with a jumper between terminals 1 and 2, it allows connecting a safety device, a timer, or an external wired remote control.

Cable outputs:

  • Cable gland output board is equipped in standard with two M20 + 1 M24 cable glands (Other cable gland board: 2 x M25)
  • The two back side M20 X 1.5 outputs are equipped with cable glands with silicone gasket to seal the temperature sensor (if this option exists) and the humidity sensor outlet.

Standard Accessories:

  • 10 PA66 red plastic seals, English-French installation manual.
  • Temperature sensor with waterproof PVC probe is included in the control box (if this option exists). Other available temperature sensor, see P15 of this catalogue


  • Infrared remote control
  • Enclosure heater
  • 115-120V power supply.

Power relays: many variations are possible, and are described in the catalogue N°3

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